Our Brisbane program will be run from mid 2017. We are currently working with our clinicians to identify a location for our Brisbane based DBT programs.


When is this group run? Tuesdays 4.00pm to 6.00pm (During School Terms)

Order of modules. The Essentia program is an open group with modules run in the following order:

  • Term 1: Mindfulness, Middle Path Skills & Distress Tolerance Skills
  • Term 2: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
  • Term 3:Mindfulness, Middle Path Skills & Distress Tolerance Skills
  • Term 4: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Who is this group suitable for? This group is suitable for young people aged above 14yrs who are experiencing difficulties managing relationships and life experiences.

What skills are developed in this group? This group encourages young people to analyse their behaviour/target problems individually and as a group, identify triggers and vulnerabilities, identify opportunities to manage more effectively and take active steps to change problematic patterns.  Participants will be taught techniques such as problem solving and chain analysis to help them assess and address challenging issues in their lives. The group allows exploration of the skill modules of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. The group will be taught relevant techniques and practice in session to identify and build on skills that they currently have, manage their distress, interpersonal effectiveness and difficult life circumstances.

What is the intake process? New patients will need to attend an assessment approximately 2 weeks prior to starting a group to determine suitability and timing of intake. Known patients will need to call Essentia two weeks before the start of the school term.

What Evidence Based approaches are used in this group? This group is based on the Evidence Based Treatment Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Fees for Youth Program
A range services may can offset fees for our programs including medicare, private health insurance, WorkCover, Victims of Crime or other health services.

  • Full program (Individual Therapy, Group Program & Initial Assessment) $270 per week or $4,320 if paid up front
  • Individual Therapy $200 per session ($160 with health care card)
  • Group Therapy $100 per session ($80 with health care card)

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Expression your interest by completing a referral form (To start a module participants must complete an assessment of 2-3 sessions before commencing the or DBT program.