Our Commitment

Our commitment is to the well-being and stabilisation of individuals with mental health and wellbeing concerns. Our clinicians have many years of experience and are well equipped to assist with an individual's ongoing health requirements, whether the need for a short term intervention or long term continuity of care, our caring staff will assess an individuals' needs and provide treatment accordingly.

In addition to delivering DBT programs, we work with the Australian DBT Institute and the Centre for Mental Health Education to develop mental health professionals through retreats and other professional development opportunities.

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Our Team

The Essentia Health Australia DBT Team includes clinicians from the Australian DBT Institute. Our clinicians are trained in DBT with our leaders having undergone training and development from treatment developer Marsha Linehan and her senior trainers!


Peter King

Executive Director

Peter provides leadership to our programs as well as mentoring and developing DBT clinicians throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia! Peter's PhD focuses on effective interventions for individuals with emotion dysregulation.


Dr. Lillian Nejad

Clinical Psychologist

Lillian Nejad, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with over 17 years of experience in the assessment and treatment with specialisation in Dialectical Behaviour Treatment for borderline personality disorder. Lilian leads our Highett service in Melbourne, Victoria.


Tina Cicolini

Clinical Psychologist

Tina is a Clinical Psychologist on the Gold Coast providing assessment and treatment of adults with Personality Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, OCD and OCD Spectrum (Trichotillomania & Body Dysmorphic Disorder), and Adjustment to Health issues. Tina provides a range of consultancy and educative services in DBT.


Dr. Julie Andronaco

Clinical Psychologist



Mens DBT Program, Highett Vic


Noula Diamantopoulos

Coordinator, Rozelle NSW

Next Steps...

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